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Whats bugging me these days.

Sorry about the awful pun in the title. It always prompts me to 'Add catchy title" and I felt pressured. haha.

Patterns and color just excite me in a way I cant really I'll let the art do the talking. I had so much fun doing this piece using just 3 colors + black and white acryla gouache. It's shocking how many colors can be achieved just by mixing these 5 colors!

Then I had some more fun imagining this pattern on stuff! I think the designer in me takes over after the artist in me is done. So this is a fantasy version of my art being on things that people can use and gives them joy.

The biggest secret fantasy is to make art that can then be printed on fabric. My most selfish reason for that is that I have never found clothes that feel like me. And my dream is to create these whimsical prints that I can then get custom stitched into clothes that I actually enjoy wearing. Too many fantasies rolled into one, haha!

I found this template to play around with and imagine the pattern as clothes. (disclaimer: this is NOT my dream outfit.)

Also I'm aware that there are places like online that allow you to try this. It's just a rabbit hole I'm not ready to go down yet!

Some moments from this morning. I've been productive because I had school drop-off duty! Something I avoid because I'm not a morning person. But on the rare occasion I'm awake early enough I'm always thrilled with the beautiful morning light and how lovely it makes everything look. Also I got my plant babies home after a few months from my friends home and its lovely to see them again! Do you feel attached to your plants too?

Thats all for today! have a wonderful week.

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Hi, my name is Salil and I’m from Ludhiana Punjab. Just came across your Instagram account, found your art out of the world. and while I was enjoying these colours & patterns, co-incidentally I’m thinking this should be on my fabric. hahahaha. I wish I could say sorry for stalking you but just couldn’t resist. Your art is that BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Gefällt mir
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