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Shachi Kale is a visual storyteller, graphic designer, and children’s book illustrator. Born and brought up in Mumbai, India, Shachi Kale went to school for graphic design. She started her career in advertising and then ran her own successful design studio. In 2001, she moved with her husband to Arizona. 

Her art explores themes of growth, connection, healing and inner dialogue. She also explores what home means and the beauty she encounters in her daily life in the desert. She uses watercolors, fiber arts, print-making and digital art. Shachi has had several solo shows and group shows in Arizona and her work can be seen in public art in Tempe, Chandler and Mesa. She was an Artist in Residence at the Tempe Center for the Arts in 2022 and serves on the Arts Commission in Chandler.

Her passion for children‘s books led her to illustrate over 20 children's books. She probably should get a hobby, but she finds joy in art and spends all her spare time exploring different media and ideas in art, and way too much time on Instagram. She and her husband live in Arizona with their two young boys and dog.


You can also follow her explorations and journey on
instagram @shachidreams, or email her at

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