Sunday morning…hubby has taken both boys out for an activity. Aah, now I have 2-3 uninterrupted hours ahead of me! What should I fill them with? Should I chill and read a book? or embroider that elephant? (I have a passion for odd and random art and craft projects that have no purpose but to give me immense joy) or call mom and chat ? But before I can decide upon these wonderful relaxing options….some more options come to mind….but what about the laundry? or should I instead sweep, vacuum and mop the hall and kitchen floors. It’s infinitely easier to do it with the boys away. The little one wants to help…and you know how THAT goes. And the older one keeps yelling for me to stop cause he can’t hear his show on TV! It’ll be quicker I think now, to quickly get the washed load in the dryer and put in a new load, then do the hall and kitchen. Maybe once I’m done, I can chill. However as I mop, I soon realize (or force myself to, as I am avoiding the thought) that all the guys will come home hungry, and it’ll be lunch time. MUCH better to have something ready to eat. Now the next dilemma…what can I rustle up quick? We already ate out last night, so my desi-mom instinct to serve the family hot fresh home-cooked food kicks in….little one hates rice, older one hates aloo paratha, hubby is sick of parathas anyways…everyone but the little one is sick of pasta, chicken will take too long to thaw and cook now….darn ! So I put one pot of water to boil for pasta, make some chapati dough on the side, all the while wondering what on earth to make with it. Quickly find some veggies in the fridge and make a sabzi thats at least not universally hated. At this point, I’m exhausted, it’s already been two and a half hours ! I finally decide to just sink into the couch and switch on the TV, when I hear the sound of the garage door. GROAN ! They’re back already !!!

Because hubby had so kindly taken them off my hands for 3 golden hours, I now feel obliged to jump in and persuade my little one to wash his hands and use the bathroom…in whichever order works first, while at the same time answering questions from the older one and nodding brightly to him to show him I’m listening (I’m not) to him tell me about the powers of an obscure Pokemon card. My husband looks wiped out. He has carried out the herculean task of handling the two guys outside the house … he has done his good deed for the day and heads off resolutely to find himself a snack, some juice and settle down to watch some well deserved TV.

I am now hustling the two of them to wash up and am without success trying to get them to respond to the question ‘Are you guys hungry ? Do you want to eat now or in a bit ?” I get no response, except “Mamma come to the toy room !!!” and “Mamma, what exactly happened in Tintin in Tibet?” (the older one as you see is mostly mentally in another world of magic and make-believe). They also believe in talking at the same time and at competing volumes…the result of which is I have NO idea what they are saying. Finally we all settle down and I’m able to repeat my question about food. Which is followed by “What’s for lunch?” When I tell them, pasta for the younger one and roti-sabzi for the older, they both groan NO in unison! After all that madness of frantically making food, on my part, we finally settle on Maggi noodles…cause by this point I’m tired, frazzled and annoyed.

I have effectively ruined my only chance at doing something I wanted…the house doesn’t look significantly cleaner, now that they’ve come home and managed in a short span of time to drip water, and crumbs and strew random papers on the counter. They haven’t eaten what I had cooked…and I’m darting furious looks at the husband in repose as he uninterruptedly enjoys watching ‘Bizarre Foods’ or some such random show. He then slowly dozes off as I fend off questions and boil maggi to the perfectly acceptable consistency with just the right amount of masala thrown in.

I have a niggling feeling that there’s a hidden message somewhere here. Perhaps it’s the famous quote ‘Carpe Diem’…seize the day…or at least the moment. See how my husband was able to switch off absolutely guiltlessly and take his much deserved break…whereas I gave in to guilt, handed down unwittingly, by generations of moms before me. I know how the day is going to unfold…I will feed the kids, dash down my own lunch cause the little one is tugging at me and demanding I go play with him. I will then get sucked into reading many books to the little one in a bid to prevent him from napping, and simultaneously hurl small plastic balls at the older one who needs to have a constant game of dodge-ball going…

Eventually a refreshed (but inexplicably tired looking) hubby peeks in on us and tells me he’s going to take his sunday afternoon nap if I don’t mind. Then he stops and says, “Hey, you look tired, what happened?” (I have to stop myself from chucking the next ball at him!) I give him death looks and refuse to answer, so he rolls his eyes and goes off…I can almost see a thought bubble emerging from his head saying “Women! I’ll never get them!”

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